Stig Ohlsson

Stig Ohlsson
3 December 1935 – 22 March 2018

It is with great sadness that we had the message that WFDB’s first president, Stig Ohlsson, had passed away in the age of 82 years. Stig got his deafblindness very unexpectedly while he was in working age. He lost both sight and hearing within only about one week. It was a great catastrophe for Stig, but his fighting spirit made him cope with the difficulties he met. Stig wanted also to help other people in the same situation as himself and was soon involved in the Swedish organisation, FSDB and also throughout the world.

Stig has meant much both in Sweden where he among other things was chairman of the Swedish deaf-blind organization, FSDB, and also responsible in various projects for many years. Rather early on, Stig began to get involved with people with deafblindness all over the world, and was the one that was the driving force, that the world Organization WFDB was founded in 2001 and he also became its first president in the years 2001-2005.

During his life he has also been engaged in various development projects in Latin America and South Africa. He has meant a lot to many people around the world and has been an good example and guiding-star to many.

The sorrow and the missing of Stig is greate, but the memory of his magnificent efforts in the world makes us remember him with joy, and his memory is forever saved in our hearts. May he rest in peace.

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